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Locating Leaks If They Are In Your Central Pennsylvania Home

Any time someone has a leak in their home, it can cause quite a bit of panic, especially when you consider that they do more than just damage your water bill. Leaks also cause problems with the entire plumbing system, and if there is enough of a water leak and depending on location, there can be substantial damage to walls and the structure of the home. Knowing where to find these potential leaks is the first step to finding the repairs you need.

Check Under the Sinks

Plumbing leaks are very common under the sinks, especially when there are clogs in the drain and water begins to back up. You should take some time to look under the sinks and if you see water pooling, make sure to put a bucket underneath to catch the water while you call a professional plumber to come out and determine the exact problem.

Look In the Bathroom

The bathroom has a number of fixtures that can leak, making it a common location in the home for these types of issues. Check around the bathtub and the toilet to see if there are any issues with water leaking. If this is the case, it can be an isolated problem or there may be plumbing issues elsewhere in the home that you may want to have a plumber inspect.

Check Walls Near Plumbing

The walls in your home can be an indicator of a deep plumbing leak. If there is something wrong in the plumbing system away from the typical features, it can cause water damage to the walls and structure of your home. You may notice that the paint is bubbling or wilting near the area, or there may be some presence of mold building that would indicate water damage.

Use the Water Meter

The water meter can be a great indicator of a leak. Check the water meter and record the current reading. Then go two hours without using the water in any way. If the meter moves at all, it would indicate that there is some kind of leak in the home.

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