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What Is Causing My Low Water Pressure?

The 3 Main Causes of Low Water Pressure

Whether we own or rent our home, chances are we have either already experienced low water pressure or will soon. It's a fact that having low water pressure in our home can wreak havoc on everyday activities, especially when those activities include washing dishes and taking a shower. While this problem can be frustrating, finding what the main cause of it is can also be a headache.

So what can we do to find the root cause of this plumbing nightmare? Below, we have listed 3 possible main causes of low water pressure in the home.

1. Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits can easily occur due to hard water. Every water pipe in our home is fair game to this plumbing issue. This is the reason we sometimes and notice that the shower head doesn't evenly spray water. A plumber can help you remedy this issue.

2. Pipe Corrosion

If the water pipes are galvanized or steel, we should expect them to last for many years, right? Well, not exactly. If we have low water pressure in the home, corrosion could be the problem and if it is, our only choice would be to replace all of the water pipes. If this is done correctly, we may never have to replace them again.

3. The Never Ending Leak

Having a water leak may or may not cause our home to experience low water pressure. A leak can mean that not all of the water is flowing to the source that needs it. To check for a possible water leak, close all water valves in the home. Next, check to see what the water meter reads. Let a couple of hours to pass and then read the meter again. If there is a significant increase, then chances are there is most likely a leak in your water pipes.

These problems are unforeseen and to know exactly what is going on, you may need someone who is a professional and can fix whatever issue you may be experiencing. At Mr. Rooter of Central Pennsylvania, we make it a point to help our customers get their home back to normal.

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