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Why Water Treatment Is Important In Central Pennsylvania

Most people just assume that their drinking water is safe because governmental institutions that regulate this resource are believed to be keeping a close watch. The expectation that tap water is thoroughly decontaminated is one that seriously needs re-examination for several reasons. For homeowners dealing with hard water, you may want to consider water treatment.

Did You Know?

All water has what is deemed as 'acceptable levels' of known contaminants (chemicals, bacteria, etc.). The federal, state, and local governments allow these exceptions because they are believed by scientist to not have serious adverse health implications. Adverse changes in water conditions can occur as the result of fracking, industrial waste dumping, natural disasters (e.g. flooding), farm run-offs, etc. without the EPA or any other of the regulatory agencies taking notice.

Central Pennsylvanians Should Be Concerned About Water Safety

The drinking water sources and systems of the Central Pennsylvania Area has had numerous cities with lead levels more than five times higher than those in Flint Michigan (3.21%). According to Fracking has been correlated as a source of private water-well contamination. In addition, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PDEP) has "failed to enforce safe drinking water standards due to an insufficient workforce." The quality and safety of your drinking water may have already been affected, but wait! Don't panic! There are steps you can take to ensure that the water that flows into your home or business is the safest it can be.

What Can You Do To Ensure That Your Water Is As Safe As Possible

Report serious incidences of water contamination issues to the PDEP. Unless and until a large number of complaints are reported and correlating patterns emerge no action is taken. In the interim you or someone you know or love could be unwittingly exposed to substances that cause serious illness or develop a life changing condition, some of which may be untreatable or irreversible by simply bathing in or drinking well or tap water.

According to the Center for Disease Control, household water treatment is a wise course of action to take and is beneficial for the health of all individuals, not just those affected by contamination.

Contact a Full-Service Central Pennsylvania Plumbing Professional

A full-service plumbing professional has the experience and expertise to determine what if any unsafe contaminants are present and which type of water treatment system will work best for your home or business. This can not only protect your family, but you can also avoid hard water and sediments in your home.

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