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Top 5 Plumbing Tips for Winter In Central Pennsylvania

When it comes to plumbing, there are a couple of things we advise you do that can help you maintain an efficient and healthy water system and avoid excessive bills and water loss. Here are the tips to help you protect your system during winter in Central Pennsylvania.

1. Dealing With Outside Water Valves

To protect the pipes and prevent them from freezing in the dangerous cold, switch off the valves which control the garden hose. This will prevent water from freezing and entering the house, prompting your pipes to burst.

2. Know Where the Main Water Valve Is In Your Home

If a major accident occurs, such as a pipe burst, we suggest that you quickly shut off all the water in the home. It is essential to know where the main valve is located in your home. Typically, the valve is located near the water meter, and you should always keep it in perfect condition. To maintain the main water pipe in your home, and ensure it is in order, open and close it once annually.

3. Make Sure the Area Surrounding the Pipe System Is Warm Enough

Ensure the temperature in your house or business does not go extremely low because this may prompt the pipe to burst. If you ensure your pipes are in great condition to start with, there is minimal possibility they will explode as a result of cold air. However, take caution, ensure the surrounding does not get too cold.

4. Hire an Expert to Check on the Pipe System

You can also hire a plumbing expert such as Mr. Rooter of Central PA to check on the condition of the pipe system. For more information on plumbing services you can call our Central Pennsylvania plumbers for professional advice.

5. Avoid Using the Sink as a Garbage Disposal

Pouring fats and oils down the sink can make them freeze once it becomes cold. Once these elements freeze, they clog the drain and cause many issues that are not only expensive but also annoying. So, ensure you limit the amount of oil and fat you pour down the drain and instead place them in the garbage.

Following our above tips closely will guarantee you less drainage problems to correct. Are you experiencing plumbing issues?

Call Mr. Rooter of Central PA today to have them corrected by a specialist.