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Myths About Plumbing You Should Know

Indoor plumbing is one of the best inventions of the 20th century. It has made our homes cleaner, more hygienic, and also given rise to some common misconceptions about how things really work. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths regarding plumbing that many people believe, not knowing whether or not they are true.

Myth 1: Leaky Faucets are No Big Deal

It can be easy to ignore a small drip coming out of your faucet. But even a small drip can add up to major expenses according to the EPA. Household leaks add up to 11 trillion gallons a year nationwide, enough water to handle the average water usage of 11 million homes. If your faucet is leaking, it’s time to call a plumber. As the leak continues, it can lead to bigger and costlier issues around the sink and faucet.

Myth 2: Anything Can be Flushed

Some toilet manufacturers will claim there are things that their toilets are strong enough to flush, which may be true, but that does not mean the drains can handle it. Plumbers often receive calls over random items going down the toilet, from infant diapers and women’s sanitary products to children’s toys. As the objects block the drain hole, the toilet overflows, causing messy plumbing problems and a quick call to a plumber.

Myth 3: Water Heater Noises

When sediment like calcium sinks to the bottom of your water heater, it prevents the heat from rising evenly. That causes air bubbles to form and pop loudly, frightening many homeowners into thinking their water heater is about to explode. While it probably is not going to blow up, after 15 years when deposits start causing noises, it is a sign that you should replace it soon.

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If you’ve discovered these myths for yourself, it’s time to give Mr. Rooter of Central Pennsylvania a call.

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