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Are Bath Bombs Hurting Your Drains?

Bath bombs exploded (quite literally) onto the market just a few months ago and people have been loving them ever since. After all, there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and relaxing in a warm tub filled with cosmic colors and soothing scents. But are you paying a bigger price than $1.99 for your DIY spa experience?

How Bath Bombs Affect Your Plumbing

Clogged Drains

Bath bombs aren’t like your typical soap or shower gel. Their signature fizz is all thanks to pieces of salt. Though most of these pieces dissolve in your warm tub, a few stubborn pieces can make their way down your drain and clog it. They can also cling to hair that falls down the drain, turning a small problem into a big issue.

Damaged Drains

You wouldn’t pour oil down your drain, would you? Probably not. Unfortunately, that’s what you’re doing when you use a bath bomb. The oils that make your tub smell like a fresh meadow can harden and damage drain walls and/or cause clogs.

The Good News

Before you run to your linen closet and throw out your beloved bath bombs, we’re happy to tell you that using bath bombs are fine in moderation. If you use a bath bomb once in awhile and with these other precautions, your plumbing should stay good as new for years.

  • Place a nylon cover (like a stocking) over the bath bomb before placing it in water. This will prevent salt pieces from making their way into your tub.
  • Place a drain strainer in, you guessed it, your drain before you use the tub or shower.
  • Clean your drain every few weeks with a water and vinegar solution.

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