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Hurricane aftermath

Prepping Your Home for Hurricane Season

In just a few weeks, sweater weather will be here once again. But with summer ending and fall on its way, long lines for Pumpkin Spice lattes aren’t the only thing you’ll have to prepare for. Though hurricane season in the Northeast technically starts in June, it doesn’t usually get too bad here until August. Keep your home and family safe this year by knowing how to prep for an incoming storm.

1. Have a storm kit ready to go.

If your home were to lose power, it’s important you have a storm kit handy. Your basic emergency kit should have:

  • Three days worth of water
  • Two days worth of food
  • Flashlights
  • A first-aid kit
  • A hand crank radio

2. Bring the outside in.

Lawn chairs, outdoor tables, and toys can easily become projectiles if the wind picks up. Prevent furniture from crashing into your windows by moving them into your basement or a shed before the hurricane makes landfall.

3. Learn where your water valve shut off is.

Fallen trees can do a lot of damage to underground pipes on their way down. If a pipe were to burst in your home, you can quickly stop water from rushing in by turning the water off.

5. Set your freezer as cold as it will go.

If you think it’s very likely that you’ll lose power, set your freezer to its coldest setting. If the power goes out, your food will stay well-preserved longer.

6. Unplug your biggest electrical appliances.

If you lose power, it’s best to unplug your largest appliances. When the power returns, this will keep you from experiencing a power surge.

7. Talk to your family about an evacuation plan.

This is something you should do well before the rain starts falling and the wind starts whipping. In the event of an emergency, make sure your children know the phone number of at least one out-of-town relative. You should also teach them who it is safe to go with in the event of an emergency (policemen, firemen, emergency response).

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