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How Do I Prepare My Plumbing for Winter?

The cold season doesn't just bring a string of joyous holidays.. it also brings biting winds and freezing temperatures. This inclement weather can wreak havoc on homes in Pennsylvania, and it starts with your pipes. We think you should begin preparations for protecting your pipes immediately. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Cabinet Heating Access

We know that the plumbing under your sink cabinets isn't completely protected from the ravishes of winter temperatures. An easy solution to this is to keep your cabinet doors open on very cold nights so that the warm air in your home circulates around the plumbing to help prevent your pipes from freezing. Cabinets that should be left open include:

  • Kitchen sink cabinets
  • Bathroom sink cabinets
  • Basement sink cabinets

Insulation Installation

Here at Mr. Rooter, we know that it can be quite an expensive endeavor to repair pipes that have been cracked or ruptured due to freezing temperatures. Frozen pipes can cause extensive water damage and will create an interruption of your indoor water service. You can take a proactive step in preventing this fiasco by purchasing and installing foam pipe insulation. This insulation is affordable, easy to install, and will protect your pipes all season long.

Disconnect Outside Lines

Once the cold weather begins to settle over your neighborhood, it’s a good idea to start disconnecting hoses from outside faucets, since they can hold onto water. As this water turns to ice, it has the potential to back up into the faucet — this would crack and damage the pipes connected to your outdoor faucet. You can prevent this series of unfortunate events by disconnecting your hoses from the faucets, draining them of any residual water, and tucking them away in a safe place.

Not sure if your plumbing is ready to handle Old Man Winter? Give the experts at Mr. Rooter Central PA a call at (717)516-2673.