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Water backing up in laundry room

What Happens if the Water Backs Up In My Harrisburg Home?

Water backing up into a home may mean several things that could lead to damage to a home and a costly repair job or even a replacement. However, if homeowners see any of the following signs, it may be time to take action before it's too late.

A Clogged Drain and/or Toilet

Water that backs up out of a drain or toilet plumbing, or a gurgling emitting from the drains is a sure sign that your house is warning you of impending trouble.

Especially after a turn of the washing machine, a percolating sound, much as a coffee pot would do, is a sure give away that there's trouble in the future. You may also get some water at the base of your basement floor at other times as well.

Generally, clogs occur in the main sewer line or a secondary line. A simple bathroom sink clog won't let water go down the sink. However, a clog in the main line causes a toilet to start the percolating sound and anything run in the house causes a backup into the bathtub or the basement.

Primary Causes of Clogs

While in older homes expanding tree roots are the primary cause of a clogged sewer line, in newer homes, feminine hygiene products, thicker toilet paper, and even banana peels or plastic wrappings may be the culprits.

That being said, a clogged sewer or drain line can cause a major and expensive headache for homeowners.

Your First Line of Defense

  • Keeping the phone number on hand of a licensed, professional plumbing contractor is foremost in protecting your property from expensive repairs.

  • Keeping the bathroom clear of falling objects such as paper, washcloths and even food wrapping.

  • Letting the family know about the expense of plumbing repairs and of the importance of their cooperation in keeping the drains, toilets, and sinks free of debris, soap, toothpaste and even hair goes a long way in avoiding a repair call.

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