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Signs of a Septic Tank Backup

There are various reasons as to why a septic tank may fail. Solid substances can sometimes get stuck inside and cause blockages at the outlets or within pipes. This will probably cause large volumes of water which will direct the sludge into the distribution channel hence causing the entire absorption field to flood.

When such happens, the bacteria from the system are likely to die something which can render the septic tank useless. This normally causes a lot of inconveniences especially if we are not able to detect the problem in advance.

How to Identify a Septic Tank Failure

It can sometimes be a little bit difficult to pinpoint if there is something wrong with our septic tanks. First and foremost, it might take us a lot of time to even start observing any signs around the house and even if that happens, most of us often ignore the problem.

As much as backups in the sewage, toilets and the drains are some of the common signs, there are a few other things we can watch to detect a failure in our septic tanks.

  • Patches of green turf. Although this might appear a good thing when we start seeing patches of green turf near our septic tanks which needs to be flourishing more than the others, it implies that the soil beneath it is saturated with effluents. This is because septic wastes contain a lot of nitrate and phosphate and when there is a leakage they get into the soil.

  • Pools of effluents in the soils area. A sudden pool of effluents in the soil is a clear indication of over-saturation of the septic system. In addition, there will probably be a smell coming out. That should prompt us to take action.

In general, our septic systems can at some point fail. The most important thing is to identify the signs in advance and call a professional to fix the problem. Mr. Rooter of Central Pennsylvania is one of the professional plumbing companies which can help in identifying signs of a defective septic tank as well as fix the issue.

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