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Buried gas line

The Subtle Signs of a Deteriorating Gas Line

If you open your refrigerator and it isn’t cold, it’s clear there’s a problem. If you turn on the sink and water doesn’t come out, it’s clear there’s a problem. If your radiator isn’t getting hot, you’ve got a problem. You get the idea. Unfortunately for homeowners, determining if your gas line is damaged or broken isn’t always easy or obvious.

Your gas line may be defective or on the verge of breaking if you:

Notice strange smells and sounds.

No, we’re not talking about the strange smells coming out of your son’s room, we’re talking about sulfur. Because sulfur has a strong, rotten egg smell, plumbers add it to gas so that homeowners will know if there’s a gas leak. You may also be able to hear a slight hissing noise, which is gas escaping the pipe.

Feel lightheaded or dizzy.

If you are in a home or building with a gas leak, it can cause you to feel dizzy or tired.

Find dying plants.

Is your flower bed or vegetable suddenly beginning to die? A clear sign of a gas line leak is spontaneously dying or decaying foods and plants in one specific area of your yard (the area right around the gas line).

See excess condensation on your windows.

If your gas line is located below large windows, you may begin to see water building up on windows.

Have malfunctioning appliances.

If your gas line connects to outdoor appliances, like a built-in grill or gas powered fire pit, you may notice them making strange noises or not turning on as quickly as they once did.

Regardless of whether you have a traditional or natural gas line, a damaged line is never a good thing. Because gas can negatively affect your home and loved ones you should always have gas lines repaired the moment you notice a problem.

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