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Brown water flowing out of a silver sink faucet

Finding the Source of Rust-Colored Water

Many people take clean, clear water for granted. From washing clothes and dishes to taking a shower, it’s not until discolored water appears that you realize just how many things you can’t accomplish without clean water.

So it’s only natural that when you turn your faucet on and see brown water flowing from it, you’re anything less than thrilled. But fear not! Bringing rusty water back to its former clean glory is often easier than you think.

Why is My Water Rust-Colored?

Rusty water can be the result of a few problems, either in or outside of your home.

  • Rusty pipes
  • Sediment buildup in your water tank
  • Damage from nearby construction
  • Water main break

Finding the Source of Brown Water

While it may seem impossible, it’s actually possible to determine the source of your brown water based on where and when it’s appearing.

Rust in Hot Water

If brown water is only appearing in your hot water, the problem likely originated in your water heater. If you haven’t flushed your system in a few years, sediment has probably built up and is now affecting the color and health of your hot water.

Rust in Hot and Cold Water (But Only in the Morning)

If rusty water is appearing in all of your faucets, but just in the morning, you should contact a plumber immediately. Rusty water found in all water sources likely means that your pipes are corroded and all water flowing through them will become contaminated.

Rusty Water Suddenly Appeared Out of Nowhere

If your pipes are corroded, your water will get gradually darker over time. So if your water was crystal clear yesterday and brown today, it’s likely because of a problem far from your home. A water main break, construction accident, or the use of a fire hydrant can all cause discolored water to show up in your house. To know for sure, contact your town’s water plant and ask if any of these situations recently happened.

Discolored water is more than just unsightly, it’s dangerous. If you notice brown water in your home, call Mr. Rooter of Central PA today!

Mr. Rooter iconAbout the Author: Paul Nelson, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central PA

Paul has been a trusted Mr. Rooter owner of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central PA since 1983. With over 37 years to back him, Paul has experience with a wide range of plumbing related solutions and systems. He and his team specialize in septic tank services, water softener installation, and more.