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How Do I Get Rid of Fruit Flies in My Kitchen Drain?

The last thing anyone wants to see in their kitchen is dozens of flies circling their sink drain. But unfortunately, it happens all too often. No matter how clean your home is or how often you cook, fruit flies can make their way into your drain (and life).

If you have fruit flies, or suspect you do, have no fear! We’re happy to say that they’re incredibly easy to get rid of.

First Things First: Do You Have Fruit Flies?

It’s only after they’ve been in your drain for a few days that you’ll notice fruit flies flying around your sink. That means you have a small window of time to find and eliminate them before they have the change to multiply.

If you suspect you have fruit flies, place a large piece of tape over your drain and poke a few holes in it. Leave the drain to sit for a few hours before picking the tape back up. If you have fruit flies, a few will be stuck to the sticky side of the tape.

Why Do They Like Drains?

Drains provide the perfect environment for fruit flies — they’re damp, airy, and filled with old food to snack on.

Eliminating Fruit Flies in Your Drain

If fruit flies make a home in your drain, traps and sticky pads certainly won’t do the trick. To get rid of them quickly, pour hot vinegar down your drain twice a day for a few days or until you no longer notice fruit flies.

How to Keep Them From Coming Back

Getting rid of fruit flies when they show up is great, but it’s only half the battle. What you really want to do is prevent them from ever entering your drain in the first place. Every few weeks, throw a cup of hot vinegar down your drain to prevent them from coming back.

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