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How to Clean a Smelly Dishwasher

For many people, having a dishwasher is indispensable — they save you time and energy, and are better for the environment (because they use less water than hand washing).

Dishwashers are also incredibly low maintenance. For the most part, all you need to do is give them a good clean every few weeks. Cleaning your dishwasher is not extremely complicated. You can perform expert cleaning so that your machine does not smell and operates at peak efficiency quite easily. Because simply running your machine isn’t enough to keep it clean, we suggest one of the following methods:

1. Use Baking Soda

Take one cup of baking soda and sprinkle it throughout the bottom and sides of your machine. After you sprinkle the baking soda in the machine, run it on a short, hot cycle. This will leave your unit smelling clean and fresh.

2. Use Vinegar

All you have to do is use one cup of vinegar, placing it in a dishwasher-safe container in the top rack of your unit. Run it through the hot water cycle and your machine should be clean from grease, musty odors, and grime. This is a much more effective way to clean your unit. This not only removes the smell but this technique makes sure your machine is clean as well.

3. Clean the Drain Area

Sometimes the smell coming from your machine is due to food and other debris caught in the drain. Take a look at the drain area and remove anything you find there. Doing this will improve the efficiency of your unit and prevent any damages to your machine from occurring as well.

Using these techniques to clean your machine will remove odors and keep your dishes cleaner as well. All dishwashers need to be maintained over time, so make sure to keep an eye on your machine to keep it in top running order.

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