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stainless steel sink in bathroom

How Long Do Normal Plumbing Fixtures Last?

The Life Span of Plumbing Fixtures

Homeowners know that even though it’s not fun replacing appliances, it sometimes must be done. Everything that functions has to wear out at some point. The average life span for plumbing appliances varies from appliance to appliance.


When a dishwasher stops working, we notice things such as the dishes not getting clean at all or just not getting fully clean. The average dishwasher only lasts about 10 years before it needs to have a replacement.


Sinks can last up to 30 years, but they may need replacing sooner if they become damaged. We will notice deep scratches in stainless steel sinks or chips and cracks in porcelain-style sinks. When those happen, the fixtures may need to be replaced.


A toilet can last about 15 years, with newer toilets typically wearing out quicker due to less expensive parts being used in their production. Seeing a cracked and/or leaking toilet bowl is a good indication that it needs replacing immediately.


A bathtub can last up to 15 years. When we notice cracking of the bathtub or a finish that is wearing off completely, it is time for a replacement tub.

Water Heater

Because water heaters typically run often, the typical water heater usually only lasts 15-20 years. We notice things such as the water not heating properly or not heating at all when the heater is starting to malfunction.