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Bath Clogs: Why They Happen

Many people don’t understand why water accumulates in the tub during their shower. These occurrences are called bath clogs and are caused for a variety of reasons. While some of them are happenstance from outside sources, some reasons are because of your habits.



Hair is the most common bath clog cause. If you wash your hair often without cleaning the drain, it adds to the severity of the clog. When hair falls, it goes into the drain and instead of breaking down, it combines with other materials washed into the drain and blocks proper water flow. Millions of dead skin cells also are shed by every person that takes a shower and will contribute to the hair follicles to interrupt the natural water flow.


2.Soap Scum

Soap scum is another cause of bath clogs. Soup scum is the residue that builds up on the side of the shower walls that are rinsed off during your shower. During your shower, the dirt and skin cells combine with the soap residue and further clog bath drains.


3.Hard Water

Because water has a high mineral count, the water’s minerals cling to the pipes in the drain, causing poor water flow. They may be invisible, but the minerals buildup with existing particles and make the clog even harder to break up.


4.Sand, Dirt, and other materials

Every time you go to the beach, garden, or wash your pet after getting dirty, the debris collects in the drain. Over time, the combination of dirt and grime clump in the drain and cannot naturally flush themselves.



For people who open containers in the shower or shave, the plastic covering or bottle caps can slip into your drain and create clogs. Because they do not break down, dropping a lid into the shower can act as a drain stopper similar to the plug used when taking baths.


This problem becomes more prevalent when the water flow is weak. Once one material begins to clog the drain, the combination of these materials further block water flow.

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