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Flushing a toilet

4 Plumbing Myths Busted

While we can’t tell you how or where these myths got started, we know one thing for sure — they’re not true! Throughout the years, we’ve seen dozens of plumbing myths swirling around the internet, causing lots of confusion among homeowners near and far.

Myth #1: Ice Cubes Sharpen a Garbage Disposal

In fact, ice cubes do the exact opposite when put in the disposal regularly. However, throwing a few cubes down once in a while is a good idea, since ice helps to keep your disposal clean.

Myth #2: Placing a Brick in Your Toilet Tank Saves Money

We hate to break it to you (or more likely, the grandparent who told you to do this), but a brick that's completely below the water line does nothing to save money or water. In fact, a brick can keep a toilet from flushing correctly. Bricks aren't made to be underwater, therefore, they begin to come apart in toilet tanks. Once a brick starts to break down, it can ruin your toilet’s fill valve and flapper.

Myth #3: Flushable Wipes are Fine to Flush

We can't think of a product with a more misleading name than flushable wipes. Even though "flushable" is in the name, you shouldn't flush so-called flushable wipes. These wipes don't break down the same way toilet paper does, which can lead to back-ups and clogs in your plumbing.

Myth #4: Chemical Drain Cleaners Work Best on Clogs

Chemical drain cleaners are harmful to your pipes and the environment. Drain cleaners can break down pipes and cause leaks. Hydro jetting is a safe and effective alternative. With hydro jetting, water pressure clears the clog and cleans the pipe. Since water, not chemicals, does the work, hydro jetting is completely non-toxic. Best of all, the cleaning provided by hydro jetting prevents future clogs.

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