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How to Tell The Age of Your Plumbing

Don’t get us wrong — pipes are made from sturdy building materials that can last for decades. But unfortunately, they won’t last forever. If your home’s pipes haven’t been replaced in years (or worse, you don’t know when the last time they were replaced was) it’s time to do a little investigating. There are several hints that give you an idea of the age of your plumbing.

Frequent Clogs

A clog here and a clog there is relatively normal, but your plumbing shouldn't be getting clogged on a regular basis. Over time, minerals build up on the inside of your plumbing and cause them to corrode. If you’re noticing more and more clogs (even after hydro jetting procedures and cleanings), your plumbing is on its way out.

You Can’t Unclog Pipes

Your average clog shouldn't be that hard to get rid of. If you can’t clear clogs with a few good plunges, your plumbing is starting to disintegrate.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is more than just an annoyance when you’re in a rush — it’s a sign that your plumbing is failing. As your pipes begin to fill with minerals and other buildup, it becomes harder and harder for water to squeeze through the debris.

Your Water Bill Jumped

It’s normal for your water bill to spike in the summer months, but if your bill suddenly goes up for no apparent reason, it could be because your plumbing is working overtime trying to bring water to different parts of the house.

Leaking Pipes

Similar to clogs, the occasional leak is normal. However, you shouldn’t be spotting a new leak every few weeks or even months. If you are noticing leaks in different areas of your house, it’s likely because your pipes have worn thin and can no longer handle pressurized water moving through them.

Water Discoloration

Discolored water is never a good sign. If your water is appearing brown, red, or yellow, it could be a sign that dirt and debris have made their way into your cracking pipes.

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