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How Bad is Water Damage to a House?

When you’re making coffee or brushing your teeth in the morning, it’s easy to forget that while you love water, it can also do a lot of damage to your home. Whether you’re experiencing a small leak, burst pipe, or natural disaster, water can wreak havoc on your home if it’s not cleaned quickly and correctly.

Water Damage In Your Home

Day 1

Even if a pipe leaks for only a few hours, it can begin to damage your floor (especially if it’s carpet) and walls, not to mention any furniture you have in the room. Any wood furniture you have in the room will begin to swell and expand and dyed fabrics will start to bleed.

Week 1

After only a few days, mold, mildew, and fungi will start to appear and you’ll notice a musty odor in that room. Wood flooring will also become so warped that floorboards will begin to split apart — if this happens, they can’t be repaired.

Depending on how high the water level is, your painted walls will also begin to blister. If you have wallpaper, it’ll begin to peel and fall apart.

Month 1

If you leave even just a few inches of water to sit for a month, you’ll have serious structural issues on your hand. Plus, mold and mildew will have grown rampant throughout the floor and the bottom of your walls. You may also notice small microbes and insects gathering at the water line.

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