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Efficient Plumbing Hacks You Need To Know

Straightforward Plumbing Hacks to Use Around the Home

Managing the costs associated with home repairs can be a nightmare! Especially when costs arise unexpectedly. Some may also find repairs, particularly those related to plumbing, a tad intimidating. After all, nobody wants to risk damaging pipes. However, with these simple hacks you should feel empowered to take home maintenance into your own hands.

Colorful Leak Detection

If you suspect you have a toilet leak, there is a direct way to confirm your suspicions. Add a couple drops of food coloring to the tank in the back. After about thirty minutes, check the toilet bowl. If the color is visible in the water, you have a leak.

Clog Recipe

Plumbers report that unclogging drains is a popular repair they make. Save yourself a phone call by creating a drain cleaner that is effective and environmentally friendly. First, pour boiling water down the pipe you wish to clean. Pour half a cup of baking soda in afterwards. Let the solution rest for about five minutes. Add a cup of vinegar. At this point, the drain will begin to foam once the solutions is breaking down the clog. Let this work for an additional five minutes and conclude by rinsing the pipe with faucet water. Clog be gone!

Silence Your Leaks

The persistent “tap” of a leaky faucet is certainly an annoyance. Here’s a way you can stop the dripping sound until you can give the problem targeted attention. Affix a washcloth to the faucet with a rubber band. Place a bucket underneath as extra insurance. This way the noise stops and there is no flooding while you settle on a repair plan.

Hopefully these hacks will help you tackle some plumbing issues independently. Remember, a little creativity and a lot of determination can go a long way. Continue reading for more helpful content that you can implement around your home.

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