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Bathtub with dirty water

Sink Issues To Look Out For

People use sinks every day. They allow people to wash dishes, clean their hands and to keep things clean in other ways. You can come across a variety of common sink issues that will prevent it from working correctly. Keep your eye out for these common issues so that you can know if you need to fix it or hire someone to help.

Dripping Faucet

You may have a problem if your faucet continuously drips. This means that you turn your water off all of the way, but the faucet continues to have water drop out of it. There's no problem if it only happens for a little bit, but if it doesn't stop, then you may want to look into your water sealing.

Leaking Pipes

People sometimes have their pipes leak underneath their sink. This poses a major issue because it could lead to water damages underneath the sink and to your floor if it becomes worse. Make sure that you address leaking pipes immediately so that you can avoid any permanent damage to your house.

Clogged Drain

You may notice that your drain no longer allows water to go down it. Instead, it either drains slowly or the water sits in the sink. This means that one of your pipes may have a clog so you need to clean it out. Doing so should fix the drain and allow water to flow down your sink again.


Sinks can face problems and you should fix them as soon as you can. However, keep in mind that some problems may be beyond your experience. If this happens, then get in contact with a plumber so that he or she can help with the situation. This way, you can fix your sink and overcome whatever problem you face.