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Woman in a bathroom with two children

4 Things to Teach Your Kids About Your Home’s Plumbing

It’s something every parent dreads — opening the door to the bathroom and finding their toddler sitting there unsupervised. And while it can be tempting to laugh along when they drop a doll in the toilet or unravel a roll of toilet paper, it’s important to teach your kids about bathroom safety and responsibility at a young age.

The Toilet isn’t a Garbage Can

To a little kid, toilets can seem like a fun toy — you throw something inside, pull a lever, and the thing disappears.

But the earlier you teach your child that only three things should go into the toilet, the better your chances are of avoiding a clog, burst pipe, or cracked bowl.

The Garbage Disposal also Isn’t a Garbage

When your kids get a little older and can use the garbage disposal, make sure you talk to them about what can and can’t go down the drain.

While garbage disposals can be used to get rid of small bones, fruit peels, breads, and egg shells, you should never place uncooked meat, grease, pasta, or stringy vegetables down the disposal.

Never Let the Water Run

Little kids may not know what the term ‘water conservation’ means, but that doesn’t mean they’re too young to practice it. Teach your little one’s that water is important, and just like anything else, we shouldn’t waste it. When they’re in the bathroom, encourage them to turn the water off when they’re brushing their teeth and to not play with water in the sink.

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