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How to Retrieve Something You Dropped Down the Drain

It’s something that’s happened to everyone at one point or another — you go to wash your hands and a ring or earring slips off and slides down the drain.

While your first instinct may be to panic and worry that what fell is now lost forever, we’re happy to say that, that’s often not the case. Small objects that find their way into your drain can often be retrieved so long as you act fast.

Retrieving a Ring That’s Fallen Down the Drain

The first thing you should do after something has fallen down your sink is turn off the faucet. Then, shut off the water to that area of the house completely. This will stop whatever fell from flowing deeper into your system and prevents a flood from happening, should you need to remove parts of the sink or plumbing.

Use a magnet.

If you can still see your item at the bottom of the drain, a magnet may be all you need to get it back. Try attaching a strong magnet to a piece of string and lowering it down the drain. Slowly bring the string up and check to see if what you lost is hanging on the other end.

Use a tool.

Because this is a relatively common problem, many local hardware stores actually sell four-pronged tools designed to fit in your sink’s plumbing and grab at anything that may have fallen.

Take apart the P-trap.

If all other efforts have failed, it may be time for you to remove the P-trap. Typically, we advise homeowners without much plumbing experience to avoid this, since it can cause a flood or damage your pipes if done incorrectly.

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