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Do I Need My Main Water Line Replaced?

Water lines — they’re something we all use every day, but rarely think about. And because of that, they often end up forgotten about and neglected. As the pipe that brings water into your home, the main water line is constantly in use. If even a small problem develops in the line, you could quickly experience leaks, property damage, and poor waterflow.

3 Signs You Need Your Main Water Line Replaced

1. Poor Water Pressure Throughout Your Home

If just one sink or shower suddenly has poor water pressure, you likely have a problem with the lines somewhere inside your home. But if you notice a sudden drop in water pressure across every faucet in your home, you probably have a leak within your home’s main water line.

2. A Spike in Your Water Bill

Because water is constantly running through your main line, even a small leak can waste a significant amount of water over time. If you notice a sudden rise in your water bill and you’ve ruled out all usual culprits (faulty sprinklers, leaking faucets, etc.) it’s time to have your main water line inspected.

3. Pools of Water in Your Yard

Pools of water are the most obvious signs of a main water line break. And even if you haven’t noticed an issue with your home’s water pressure yet, this is still an issue you should have looked at immediately, since excess water can cause structural damage to your home and be a breeding ground for insects.

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