One of the most commonly used systems in your home or commercial building is the drain system. In fact, all of the rooms that contain a water source - have a drain.

The drain system for your home or commercial building is responsible for carrying the used water and waste materials out to the municipal sewer line.

For instance, if there weren’t a drain in your kitchen sink, then when you used the sink to wash pots and pans after meal preparation all of the water and food particles would just wash out the hole in the bottom of the sink and onto the floor.

Instead, your sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets are all equipped with a drain that is configured to carry any used water or waste that is created by the fixture or appliance away.

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Common signs of a drain clog

The best way to avoid a costly plumbing disaster is to catch issues early and before they have had a chance to escalate to something major.

For instance, a small leak around your bathroom sink faucet might seem like a small problem, but if it is not repaired quickly you will not only see a huge spike in your water bill but, you might also see some significant water damage in your cabinets and countertops.

If you are aware of these signs, you can quickly call our team and schedule an appointment, or we can come straight away if it is an emergency situation:

  • Slow moving drains. If your shower starts to fill up with water while you are in it, but then the water slowly drains out after you turn the shower water off - you probably have a clog forming in the pipes.
  • Gurgling drains. If you are done brushing your teeth and your turn the water off but, a gurgling sound comes out of the drain - there is probably a clog forming
  • Water backing up. If water starts to back up out of your drain as you are rinsing dishes or using the sink, this is a clear sign that there is a clog in the drain.

Make sure to contact our team at the first sign of any of these problems. The sooner we can get to your location and get the problem addressed, the sooner you can get on about your busy day.

Why do drain problems happen?

Your drains are used several times per day, by many different people, and in a wide variety of ways. With all of this variation, there is no wonder that your drains are one of the most common systems in your home to develop problems.

Some of the reasons that drain problems occur include:

  • The toilet is being used as a garbage can. This is when people flush things down the toilet that are not meant to be flushed and a clog develops.
  • Your drains are not being maintained. If you don’t have your drains hydro-scrubbed periodically, buildup will occur and will narrow the diameter of the pipe
  • The garbage disposal is misused. Things like animal fat or grease, vegetable peels or rinds, and starch food like noodles, rice, or coffee grounds should never be put into the garbage disposal

What can I do about a drain problem?

If you do find yourself with a drain clog or a slow-moving drain, there are some options that you can take.

  • It is always good to try and clear the clog on your own, if you have the right tools and equipment.
  • It is not a good idea to pour a bottle of drain cleaning chemicals into your drains.
  • Instead, you can take these steps:
  1. If the clog is in your bathtub or bathroom sink, use a rag to plug the overflow hole. If the clog is in your kitchen sink and it is a double sink, use a rag to plug the unaffected drain.
  2. Then, take a sink plunger (these look just like a toilet plunger only they are smaller) and plunge the clogged drain.
  3. The idea with a plunger is that you are using air to push and pull the clog until it is loosened enough to move on.
  4. If this is not working and the clog is in your bathtub, shower, or bathroom sink - the clog might be a ball of hair. Use a drain cleaning hook to try and grab ahold of a portion of the clog and pull it out. Then use the plunger again once some of the mass of the clog has been eliminated.

For any type of drain cleaning, repair, maintenance, or installation service in Encinitas, Solana Beach or Cardiff By The Sea call the experts at Mr. Rooter. Our plumbers are highly-trained in all of the latest plumbing technology and techniques, and committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer care. You will always receive upfront pricing, and our workmanship and parts are guaranteed.

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