How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

Choosing a Kitchen Sink Takes Some Thought

Going to the Cincinnati plumbing supply or home improvement store to pick out a new kitchen sink that will serve you well and provide the look and feel you are after takes some thought. In order of importance, you'll need to choose how the sink is mounted, what it's made from, the number size of bowls, bowl depth, and the number of faucet holes.

Bowl Size and Number: Bowls vary from one to three; they can be identical in size and depth, or vary. Deeper-bowl sinks are becoming more popular, as well as sinks with a smaller bowl inset between two larger bowls. The smaller middle bowl frequently has a garbage disposer attached to it. Bowl number and size are really a matter of personal preference - if you pick a larger sink, just make sure it fits in your countertop.

Number of Faucet Holes: Finally, you'll need to match the number of faucet holes to the type of faucet you'll be using. Three holes are the most common, as most faucets require at least this many holes. Other sinks offer from one to five holes; the additional holes can be used for sprayers, filtered or hot water, or soap dispensers.