Three Things You Need to Consider About Your Plumbing When Remodeling

2018 is here and you’re excited about remodeling your bathroom this year. You’ve made your plans and are pretty sure you know what features you want. However, can your existing plumbing handle the new features? Will you need new plumbing added or installed? At Mr. Rooter of Katy, Texas, we have the experience you’re looking for in figuring out what changes might need to happen to your existing plumbing during a remodel. Here are some things to consider.

Examine Your Pipes

What kind of pipes does your home have? Water lines can be copper, CPVC, or PEX. Older homes might have galvanized steel or PVC pipes, which will likely need to be replaced. How is the current piping laid out? Do you have problem spots already? Determining what kind of new piping is needed requires a trained eye with years of experience. Doing it yourself may seem simpler to you, but there are lots of decisions to make and mistakes can be serious. Get a professional help to plan and install new lines.


Any new fixtures will need to connect to existing drain and waste vent stacks. Usually, each unit connects to the soil stack using its own pipe; your situation, however, may call for a new unit to share a line with another unit in order to get to the main line. To be effective, drain pipes must slant ¼ inch per foot toward the sewer, while vents slope back toward the drain.

Upgraded Toilets

Some say the toilet is the central element of a bathroom, one that comes with special requirements for waste and venting. First, it must have a direct connection to the main soil stack, the vertical line leading to the sewer, within six feet if the toilet has a three-inch outlet. If a newly installed toilet can’t meet these requirements, alternative draining options might be necessary.

If you live in the greater Katy, Texas, area and are planning a bathroom remodel this year, get some professional advice by giving Mr. Rooter of Katy a call today to schedule an appointment.

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