Sewer Line Cleaning, Repair & Installation in Katy TX

Your sewer lines do a very important job of carrying wastewater and effluents away from your home and into your septic system or to the city’s main sewer lines. Because of this, it is important that when sewer line problems occur, you should have them inspected and repaired as soon as possible by a professional Katy plumbing company like Mr. Rooter. We have the personnel and equipment necessary to effectively deal with any type of sewer line problem that may occur.

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Common Sewer Line Problems

There are different types of sewer line problems that we at Mr. Rooters respond to for both the residents and businesses of Katy. Some of them include:


There are many things that can cause blockages in your sewer lines. Aside from solidified effluents, other things like grease and grime build-up, paper tissues, and even small children’s toys can also block the pipes and restrict the smooth flow of sewage. Furthermore, if there are trees and shrubs near your sewer lines, their roots are bound to find their way into the pipes as they search for water.


Cast iron sewer pipes are prone to corrosion over time as they are continuously exposed to water and outdoor elements. When pipes become corroded, they can collapse and which can render the sewer line useless.

Bellied Pipe

Ground conditions like shifting soil and settling can cause pipes to form bellies or valleys. These bellies provide a place for sewage and other items to collect, which over time will accumulate and cause blockages in the sewer line.

Leaking Joints

Leaks can occur at any part of a sewer line, but more so in the sharp bends and corners. As sewer lines age, the seals around the joints deteriorate and weaken, allowing waste water to leak and escape from the pipe.

Mr. Rooter – Your Katy Sewer Line Experts

We all know how troublesome a damaged sewer line can be, so when such problems persist, be sure to contact a trusted and reliable plumbing company that can provide quick and efficient service like Mr. Rooters.

Our crew of licensed Katy plumbers and technicians have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform any sewer line cleaning, repair, and installation services that your property may need.

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