Mr. RooterHydroScrub® Jetting Services in Katy

Do you find yourself turning to your plunger, time and time again? Are you sick of calling a plumber to snake your stubborn drain? When conventional methods aren’t doing the trick, it’s time to call in the professionals. The team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing can handle your toughest blockages with the help of HydroScrub®, our unique drain cleaning technology.

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What Is HydroScrub® ?

HydroScrub® offers the most effective method for drain cleaning in the plumbing industry. Unique jetting technology uses water at the correct pressure and volume to clear out debris from your household pipes. Compared to traditional snaking, our HydroScrub® method yields a superior clean and results that last. Get rid of stubborn buildup such as soap residue, grease, and mineral deposits in just one session.

How Does HydroScrub® Work?

Our HydroScrub® system is comprised of a large reservoir tank, an industrial-strength nozzle, and a high-pressure hose. One of our plumbers will place the unit at the cleanout, which is the area of your system that allows for debris removal. Using pressure and water, the HydroScrub® unit pulls itself through your piping, clearing a path for debris to travel to the sewer system.

What Makes HydroScrub® Superior?

Conventional snaking methods only offer short-term solutions, and only clear a small path for debris to travel. Our HydroScrub® system, on the other hand, can be customized to fit your piping and provides a complete clear-out. Best of all, it eliminates the need for frequent snaking. Our HydroScrub® system creates a solution that lasts.

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