Mr. Rooter Video Camera Inspection in Katy

Video camera inspections are priceless tools that can greatly improve operations within your commercial building. They enable fast, accurate, and efficient plumbing diagnoses and repairs without costly interruptions in your workflow. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is your source for this outstanding plumbing technology.

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How Do Video Camera Inspections Work?

When you call Mr. Rooter for any type of plumbing problem, we’ll use our video camera inspection technology to quickly and accurately assess the issue without breaking ground at your commercial building. Here’s how the process works for your commercial plumbing system:

  • We feed a special waterproof camera into your sewer lines and other pipes. The camera sits on a flexible rod that allows the lens to travel through your pipes, even around bends. We can view every inch of your plumbing system quickly and easily.
  • Our cameras are high-resolution, giving us a crystal-clear video feed of your pipes in real-time on the other end via our monitors. Our crew can see the condition of the insides of your pipes and diagnose any existing or potential issues.
  • We show you the video footage of your pipes and give our expert recommendations for commercial plumbing repairs. Upon your approval, we’ll complete same-day repairs based on what we saw during the video inspection.

Video camera inspections cut out the guesswork of plumbing, eliminating the need to dig up your property and guesstimate where the issue lies. Mr. Rooter can quickly and effectively find hidden leaks, cracks, obstructions, corroded pipes, and even lost jewelry with our special cameras, minimizing cost and downtime for your business.

What Video Camera Inspections Can Do for You

Video camera inspections save you the hassle of health department issues and building insurance compliance complications. You can discover plumbing problems early enough to resolve them without disturbing the flow of business.

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