Benefits of Trenchless Repair

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for homeowners, including those in Katy, to experience issues with sewer lines. Sewer line repairs are one of the more disruptive plumbing problems. As a solution to the disruption, more and more plumbers around the country are using trenchless repair in their work. There are many benefits of using trenchless repairs instead of the traditional method.

Less Damaging for Your Lawn

Previously, because many people’s sewer lines ran beneath their lawns and landscaping, plumbing specialists would have to tear up their lawns to make repairs. The delay in accessing the problem was caused by digging huge trenches throughout the lawn. The damage caused by massive trenches cost some people thousands of dollars to restore their yard back to its original state. One of the most significant advantages of using trenchless repairs is that they barely affect your lawn. Plumbing specialists only need to dig one or two small holes to access the lines and make the necessary repairs.

Takes Less Time

When specialists had to dig huge trenches, the project would be exponentially longer. Crews would need to takeover the lawn in front of homes or businesses for days, sometimes weeks. Depending on the length of the lines and severity of the issue, trenchless repairs may only take a few days.

Less Expensive

Because trenchless repairs are significantly faster, they are also less expensive. Labor is one of the largest expenses in any home improvement project. Paying for only a few days of labor is much more affordable than paying for one or several weeks of labor. Additionally, after the repair is finished you will not have to spend thousands of dollars restoring your lawn because the trenchless method does little to no damage to your property.

Better Function and Increased Longevity

Trenchless repairs use new technology that is more reliable than what is used in traditional sewer line repairs. Whether the specialist uses cure-in-place liners or Polyethylene piping, it is less likely to be damaged by invasive tree roots and develop cracks. More protection from cracks and damage means that the repair will last significantly longer than traditional sewer line repairs. The technology allowing trenchless repairs also helps water flow through the lines more easily.


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