Save Money This Spring with These Plumbing Pointers

Spring is finally here. Even though the season's modest temperatures make it ideal for spending time outdoors savoring the weather, it is also a great time to stay in and give your plumbing some attention. Here are a few things you should consider adding to your spring cleaning checklist this year to assure your pipes and drains are all functioning properly and are prepared for the summer months.

Monitor your home's sinks and pipes for any signs of leaky faucets. Oftentimes, leaky faucets are easy to fix and can help you save a great deal on your water bills each month.

Even though you may not notice its impact, a toilet leak can cause your utility bills to increase.

Be sure to look out for hidden toilet leaks in your bathroom. You can identify a leak by adding a couple drops of food coloring to your toilet's tank. If the color is visible in the bowl within the following thirty minutes, you likely have a leak and should call your plumber as soon as possible.

If you have to push down firmly in order to flush your toilet, or if you have to move the handle to stop the water from running, your toilet is not flushing correctly. This is probably a result of worn-out parts that you should replace this spring.

If you have any unused drains in your home or on your property, take time to pour water in them to keep them operating as designed. If you notice any sinks that are draining water slower than normal, snake them.

Clean all drains, gutters, and downspouts on your property to prevent the chances of a buildup. Ensure they remain as clear as possible by continuing to maintain them throughout the warmer months.

Look at exposed pipes under sinks or in any area within your home in case they have leaks. Catching these early can help you save hundreds of dollars in piping repairs.

Give your kitchen sink drain a thorough cleanse by running hot water down the drain for several minutes. However, do not use any store-bought drain cleaners, as they can wreak havoc on your pipes.

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