Commercial Versus Residential Plumbing

Many types of plumbers are available on the market to fit your plumbing needs. Plumbers come in two classifications: Residential plumbers work on homes, and commercial plumbers work on larger office buildings and stores.

The plumbing specialists at Mr. Rooter Plumbing have training in both commercial and residential services for the most comprehensive coverage; you need to know about the key differences in the types of work that residential and commercial plumbers perform before you hire a company to take care of your plumbing.

Issue Scope

Usually, residential plumbers only need to respond to a handful of common issues: toilet clogs, leaky sinks, burst pipes, and other frequent household woes. Commercial plumbers could encounter a plethora of different problems in their work. Commercial plumbers must perform their repairs while following state and local building codes.

Building Size

Residential plumbing is usually simple and confined to a smaller house or apartment building. Usually, there are only a handful of bathrooms, kitchen appliances, and laundry machines to worry about. In contrast, commercial plumbing systems are vast and complex. These buildings typically have multiple bathrooms, sinks throughout the building, and other necessary appliances. These systems require more pipes and connect to more fixtures than residential plumbing systems.

Building Construction

Usually, residential buildings are only one or two stories and have a handful of plumbing problem areas. Commercial buildings often have two or more stories that have sinks, toilets, and other fixtures that could have issues. In addition, commercial plumbers need to consider gravity and water pressure in pipes in buildings with multiple floors. Gravity and water pressure can exacerbate plumbing issues in commercial buildings.

Different Hours

Unlike residential plumbers, who generally work for private individuals, companies, organizations, and government agencies hire commercial plumbers. These larger entities need to consider employee and civilian comfort when scheduling plumbing jobs. As a result, many commercial plumbers must work during off hours to stay out of the way of the building’s operations.

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