These Warning Signs Could Mean You Need a New Dishwasher

Is your dishwasher giving you trouble? It might be time to consider a replacement. Here is a list of some signs you might be due for an upgrade.

Age of the Machine

If a dishwasher has been properly maintained, the average lifespan is 10 years. If you were not the original owner of the home, you may not even know the age of the machine. This is probably a sign your dishwasher needs replacing. New models are so much more energy efficient and use a lot less water than older ones. An upgrade might a lot more necessary than you realize.

Broken Door Latch

If the door on the dishwasher won’t latch, you are asking for trouble. Most dishwashers will not even run with a broken or damaged latch. If it does, there is the added hazard of scalding hot water spraying or spilling out of the machine. If the door doesn't latch, it can also mean it has become warped over time, causing it to leak. A broken latch is bad news all around and definitely a sign to invest in a replacement.

Cool Dishes After the Cycle

If your dishes come out cold after going through the cycle, this can indicate a problem with the heating coil. Dishes need water that is 170 degrees or hotter. Dishwashers usually carry an extra heating element to heat the water up to this temperature. A broken heating element means the dishes will not be properly cleaned and sanitized, leading to health issues for the whole family.

Leftover Water and Debris

If the bottom of the dishwasher contains water and debris after the cycle is over, your machine could be telling you there is a cracked or broken drain. Before panicking, first check to see if the drains on the bottom of the machine are clean and free from clogs. If they are, you are probably dealing with a larger problem and could use some professional help.

If you are experiencing problems with your dishwasher, it might be time to call for help. Mr. Rooter Katy TX is here to help with all of your appliance installation needs. Have a professional plumber install your new appliance, ensuring it is installed right the first time so you can kick back and enjoy your new workhorse.