This Surprising Thing Can Lead to Clogged Drains

We know that many things can clog toilets – that’s why we don’t throw Kleenex, paper towels, or feminine hygiene products down the sewer drain. However, one surprising product actually leads to drain clogs – and they’re not supposed to. Here’s why you should avoid using “flushable” disposable wipes at all costs.

Disposable, flushable baby wipes were designed to make life a little more convenient for busy parents. Often, children like what they're used to, and flushable wipes offer a superior alternative to toilet paper. On the other hand, these wipes, though advertised as flushable, can lead to serious problems for your plumbing.

Disposable, But Not Flushable

True, you can technically dispose of flushable wipes down the toilet. However, all this really means is that they will fit down your drain pipes. Accumulation can quickly cause a clog that can lead to an expensive repair job.

Further, the cloth that companies use for disposable wipes is not woven. It’s a combination of synthetic and natural fibers, which makes it thin, yet strong. On the other hand, it makes it one of the worst materials for flushing down the toilet.

Not Biodegradable

Flushable wipes are especially problematic because they don’t contain materials that biodegrade. This means they sit in your pipes and won’t naturally break down. Ordinary toilet paper, on the other hand, breaks apart as it becomes exposed to water so it will fit down your drain.

Attracts Other Waste

Finally, flushable wipes pose big problems to residential plumbing systems because the average pipe is only about 4 inches in diameter. Since these wipes are not biodegradable, only water can pass through them. Solid waste will accumulate at the site of the wipe clog and cause serious problems for your plumbing. After a short time, your only form of recourse will be calling in a professional to fix the problem.

Overall, you should only put things in your drain that are intended for that purpose. Though many manufacturers advertise their wipes as flushable, they actually aren’t. In a short time, these non-biodegradable materials can lead to the accumulation of solid waste in your piping, leading to serious clogs that require professional assistance to repair.

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