Why Your Showerhead Could Be the Reason for Your Low Water Pressure

The thing about having low water pressure is that it is either a very simple solution or a major repair, with very little in between. On the simple end of that spectrum is a problem with your existing showerhead. Mineral buildup and scum create smaller and smaller openings for the water to escape, creating the sensation of decreased pressure. This is an easy fix that almost anyone can DIY at home. Here are simple steps to clean your showerhead for increased water pressure.

Step One: Remove the Showerhead

Carefully remove the showerhead, watching out for crumbles of calcification and buildup. If it has been in place for a long time, be cautious of rust particles and any sharp edges. Before beginning, you may have to remove plumbing tape, but not all showerheads have this. Inspect the inside of the attachment piece and carefully clean it out as needed.

Step Two: Mix Solution & Soak

Mix two parts vinegar with one part hot water in a sizeable bowl, or in the sink with the stopper in. Put the showerhead in the solution. Soak for a few hours or overnight.

Step Three: Reattach Shower Head

Tightly reattach the showerhead securing it with plumbing tape if necessary. Run warm water through the showerhead for about one minute to decrease any residue of vinegar. Don’t immediately shower in the vinegary water, as it can sting the eyes and leave an odor. Viola, you’re done. With any luck, your showerhead now works beautifully! As a side note, you can accomplish a maintenance version of this technique by filling a bag with vinegar and securing it to your showerhead with a rubber band or hair tie.

What to Do If It Didn’t Work

If this simple process of eliminating calcification inside the showerhead did not remedy the problem, try buying and installing a new showerhead. However, if that doesn’t work, it is wise to promptly call a professional plumber. Low water pressure is a sign of a leaking pipe, which could result in high water bills and water damage, and far more expensive repairs than fixing a pipe alone.

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