Plumbing Problems Typical for Fall in Katy, TX

In the fall months, there are a few plumbing problems that are typical for homes in Katy, TX. Contact Mr. Rooter to make sure your drains are cleaned this year and ready for guests and the holidays.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning:

  • If you notice that your toilet has water levels that change, it is a sign of a clog in your secondary pipes or main sewer line. Having your drains cleaned will prevent sewage backups and the need for plunging.
  • A slow drain in your bathtub will not only make your tub dirtier, but there is a chance that they will backup in the future. Removing your clogs with regular drain cleaning will help the water run down your drains properly.
  • If your kitchen sink or garbage disposal clogs, then using screens to stop food going down your drain will help. Having your drains cleaned will get the food and debris out of your pipes, and you won’t have to worry about your drains being slow or clogging any longer.
  • If you smell sewage in your home or outside, have your sewer line inspected and get your drains cleaned to wash everything through the pipes.
  • You may notice your plumbing gurgling or making noises. Drain cleaning service will help get rid of the gurgling and other sounds that your pipes make if they are because of clogging.
  • You may notice smells from your drains that are like mildew or mold. Some scents in the kitchen may smell like rotten food. Drain cleaning will have your kitchen and bathroom smelling fresh again!
  • If you noticed a wet lawn or sewage odor outside, then you probably have a sewer line problem that needs to be fixed before your drains are cleaned. Mr. Rooter will diagnose the problem in your plumbing and let you know if you need repairs or a replacement line installed, then you can have the rest of your pipes cleaned.