3 of the Most Common Plumbing Issues in the Summer | Mr. Rooter Katy, TX

With summer officially in full swing in Texas, many don't realize that it's also high season for plumbing repairs in the region. While in the colder months, we have to worry about bursting pipes, the summer brings its own set of potential plumbing problems. Here are some of the most common things to look out for, so you don't find yourself with a plumbing emergency this summer.

  • Tree Roots. The heavy rains and warm temperatures that are characteristic of Texas summers result in lots of tree growth during this time, too. While it's hard to tell what the underground roots of the trees on your property are doing, it's safe to say that they grow much faster in the summer months. This can be an issue for the sprinkler systems, and even the sewage systems of your home.

Pro tip: If you notice (or smell) any signs of stress in your sewer lines, such as backup during heavy rains, or any other time, be sure to contact a plumbing professional immediately. They can troubleshoot where the problem is occurring, and usually quickly fix it.

  • Hot Water Issues. More people at home during the summer months means more wear and tear on the plumbing, in general. Add to this the increased showers in the summer heat, and increased laundry, and this translates to a lot of overworked water heaters around the state. In fact, it is the most frequent time of year for water heater pipes to burst or crack from overuse.

Pro tip: Having regular inspection and maintenance done on your hot water heater goes a long way towards preventing burst pipes, leaks, and other problems that could leave you standing in a frigid shower at 6 am.

  • Drain Disposal Repairs and Maintenance. Summer cookouts and summer fruits and veggies are some of the best parts of summer in Texas, for many families. However, all the increased fruit peels, rinds, and other things can really take their toll on just about any drain disposal system.

Pro tip: Be sure to keep potato peels, watermelon rinds, and other fruit or vegetable skins out of your disposal. This is good advice year-round, but especially for summer, when fruits and veggies are on the menu more often.

If you suspect your plumbing shows signs of any of these issues, contact Mr. Rooter of Katy, Texas. Our team of local professionals is happy to inspect and repair any of your potential plumbing concerns, so you can get back to enjoying the summer.