Identifying Leak Locations In Your Denver Home

Water leaking under a sink

While there are many people who recognize some of the common signs that their Denver home may have a leak, there are a number of things that they may not understand, such as locations of leaks. Even though you may know how to recognize a leak, understanding some of the most common locations they arise can help you confirm your suspicions. Here are some of the most common places in your home you may recognize a potential leak.

Under the Sink

Check under your kitchen and bathroom sinks to determine if there is an issue that needs to be fixed. You will be able to notice a pool of water forming or any items you have may be wet. This is one of the most common locations a leak will occur because the sinks tend to take a lot of damage from food, hair, and other debris.

Walls Where Plumbing Exists

Check the walls to determine if there is a pipe burst deep in the system. You may notice some discoloration of the wall, water damage, or even mold forming. You need to take action quickly if you recognize any signs of serious plumbing problems in the walls as it can cause significant damage to the structure of the home.

The Toilet

A consistently running toilet may be an indication of a leak in the plumbing pipes. Leaks can either be evident towards the bottom of the toilet, or from the pipes in the back. You can also check the tank to ensure that it is filling up correctly.

No matter the case, a plumbing leak can cause you a lot of unwanted stress. You can get past some of these problems with the help of a skilled plumber. Our team at Mr. Rooter of Denver & Northern Colorado is dedicated to helping our customers get through the difficult problems that can arise when the plumbing goes awry. We’re here to help you.

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