Residential Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Services in Omaha, NE

Solving Your Home’s Sewer Line Problems

If you need your home’s sewer lines replaced or repaired, trust the experienced plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Omaha. We are proud to offer residential sewer line repair and residential sewer line replacement services for homeowners in Omaha, NE. Our team can solve any problems you are experiencing with your sewer lines, including issues related to damage and wear and tear. A cracked sewer pipe will continue to worsen over time, so having it repaired or replaced early on can save you money, help avoid property damage, and put the health of your family first. While the first line of defense against a failing sewer is repair, we also offer sewer line replacements when necessary. Learn more about our services and get in touch with us today to request a job estimate.

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What Causes Damage to Sewer Lines?

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Omaha is happy to answer any questions you have related to your residential sewer line replacement cost or residential sewer line repair cost. Sewer line damage is not uncommon because your plumbing system works 24/7, transferring water and waste. Your home’s sinks, toilets, and drains may stop working for many reasons. Our professional plumbers would be happy to visit your home in Council Bluffs or Bennington, DE to perform an inspection and solve your sewer problems. Pipes can break from external pressure from the earth or internal pressure from running water. Check out a few common causes of sewer line damage:

  • Poor sewer pipe design, layout, or installation
  • Infiltration of tree roots into holes or joints in pipes
  • Poor maintenance
  • Wear and tear due to aging pipes
  • The cycle of the ground freezing and thawing
  • The build-up of sludge, grease, toilet paper, hair, and other debris
  • Heavy construction in the area, earthquakes, or earth movement
  • Backups caused by city sewer lines

Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe

Not being aware you have a broken sewer line will likely cause the problem to become worse, often requiring a more expensive and time-consuming repair or a complete replacement. Most broken sewer lines will display signs that something is wrong, allowing you to bring in our professionals quickly if you recognize them in time. Our licensed and insured plumbers will replace residential sewer lines when necessary, but catching a broken pipe early may allow us to repair it instead. The following signs can be indications of a broken sewer pipe in your home:

  • Flooded lawn
  • Lack of water in toilets
  • Noticeable sewage backup in toilets or bathtubs
  • Bathtubs not draining or draining slowly
  • Grass that grows significantly greener near sewage pipes
  • Foul odors outdoors or in the basement

Repairing Broken Sewer Lines in Nebraska

Our professionals begin with a thorough examination and assessment of your sewer line before creating the best plan of action to solve any problems. We try to avoid replacing sewer lines if a repair is still possible, but sometimes a replacement is needed. In addition to replacing sewer lines, we also offer the following services:

  • Pipe Relining – Our plumbers can replace your pipes from the inside out using the advanced pipe relining method. We can reline your existing pipes utilizing a type of sleeve to prevent cracks. Your sewer pipe will be cleaned out, and then the lining will be applied. The new lining will harden within a few hours.
  • Preventative Maintenance – We offer preventive pipe maintenance services designed to prevent sewer lines from getting damaged in the first place. Our experts inspect and clean drains to help prevent build-up and avoid cracks, clogs, and bursts.
  • Burst Pipe Hydraulic Replacement – When your sewer pipe has suffered too much damage, a burst pipe hydraulic replacement works by pulling a new sewer pipe through the existing pipe. This trenchless technique utilizes hydraulics and breaks apart the damaged pipe while replacing it with a new one.

Count on Us for Sewer Line Replacements

Sewer line repairs are not always possible because sometimes the situation is too severe. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Omaha offers residential sewer line repair and placement services for homeowners in Nebraska. We are happy to explain your options and give you a free estimate, so you know what to expect. Our trenchless methods are cost-effective and do not destroy your landscaping.

Schedule Your Sewer Line Repair Today

The professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Omaha have the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to repair or replace your home’s sewer lines, whether they have been infiltrated by tree roots or you have sewage leaking under your property. Our professionals can fix broken, cracked, collapsed, or deformed sewer lines, and we offer 24/7 emergency services. Contact us today to get started by requesting a job estimate.

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