School is back in,vacation is over, time to check on your drains!

Monday, October 6, 2014 - 3:20pm

Now with kids back to school and summer vacations come and gone, many people start getting your house ready which means cleaning, organizing, and addressing any little repairs that have been needing attention.

While issues with pipes and drains are fairly common and are often dismissed as not being a priority, any issues with your plumbing system should be address, especially if you are expecting more people to be using it in the near future.

A slow moving drain, or a drain that does not evacuate water as quickly as it normally would, can typically be attributed to some kind of a blockage. In the bathroom, things like hair, soap, and beauty products are rinsed down the drain daily. These materials can easily accumulate in the pipes and create a sludge-like build up on the inside of the pipes.

Over time, this build-up will reduce the diameter of the pipes and will inhibit water and additional materials from being rinsed away. To avoid this, it is best not to rinse excessive amounts of product down the drain. Place a “hair catcher” drain cover in your sink so that hair can be captured and thrown in the garbage, rather than being rinsed down the drain.

In the kitchen, things like grease, food, and soap are rinsed down the drain regularly. While grease may be liquid when it is poured in the drain, as it cools, it will begin to solidify and can cause a significant clog in your drain. It is best not to pour grease down your kitchen drain, but rather pour it into a cup or old can and then throw it in the garbage can.

Using caustic over-the-counter drain cleaners is also not recommended. These products are too harsh and can corrosion and weakening of your pipes. At the first sign of a drain in your home moving slower than usual, contact the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Diego county. While prevention is the best way to make sure clogs don’t happen, once a clog happens contacting a professional to have the drain snaked is the most efficient remedy.