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Mr. Rooter of San Diego is who most home and business owners call for all their plumbing problems. From emergencies to a simple installation of a water heater, it’s Mr. Rooter that most people think of first. That also goes for the installation, repair, and maintenance of your sewer line. We are most proud of the services we offer for sewer lines because we are one of the few plumbers in the San Diego area that specialize in trenchless sewer line repair. For those that don’t know, trenchless sewer line repair is the only method that allows a technician to repair your sewer line without extensive damage to your yard and landscaping, so it has some huge benefits! In the recent past, it was necessary to use a backhoe that tore up your grass, dig up the area over your sewer line, find the problem, fix the problem and then replace the grass.

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As you can imagine, this left San Diego homeowners with far more stress after the sewer line was repaired because they were then forced to redo their yard which was costly. Now, with the trenchless sewer line repair that Mr. Rooter offers, your yard will sustain very minimal damage while we do our work. You may wonder why all plumbers do not offer this service and that is a simple answer. In order to properly do trenchless sewer line repair, a plumber must acquire the necessary tools and equipment, spend the time and money to learn the proper techniques, and then gain the experience to do the job without further damaging a customer’s sewer line. Mr. Rooter of San Diego is proud to say that we have taken the steps necessary to be the most experienced trenchless sewer line technician in the area!

There are many reasons as to why your sewer line could become damaged. Settling soil above the lines can cause cracks, nearby tree roots can break through the lines, a misuse of what goes into the sewer lines can cause corrosion and the sewer lines may simply be old and not made from the strongest of materials. The materials we use today are much sturdier than materials of the past, just as our techniques for installation, repair, and maintenance have become far more efficient. When your sewer line has a problem, we will first use our video camera inspection equipment to locate not only how severe the problem is but also exactly where it is so that we can make a decision on how to best repair it. Once we have evaluated the severity of the problem, we will choose between the two methods of trenchless sewer line repair, which are pipe relining and pipe replacement.

With pipe relining, a flexible material is inserted into the sewer line followed by a tube that is then inflated. Once the material is dry, the tube is deflated and removed and you are left with a sewer line that is smooth and free of all cracks and breaks. This method is used when the area that is damaged is small or minor.

If pipe replacement is the chosen method, a new pipe is inserted into the old pipe, breaking it up as it goes. The broken pieces remain in the ground, so there is no need to tear up your yard to remove them. Once the pipe is completely in place, it is only necessary to connect it at both ends and your new sewer line is ready to use. This method is used when the damage is more severe or there is a large area of damage. It is also used when your sewer line is too small in width, which we commonly find in older homes with older sewer line systems.

Customers of the San Diego Mr. Rooter use our plumbing services of all kinds over and over again because they know they can always expect and receive a job well done each and every time they have a plumbing problem. Along with our quality work, we pride ourselves on a dedication to excellent customer service and a friendly, respectful attitude we bring with us to each and every job. Offering state-of-the-art techniques such as trenchless sewer line repair is just one more way that we offer the best in service to all of our customers, and we are pleased to do so. With trenchless sewer line repair, you get your sewer line repaired without the hassle of damage to your yard. When you need your sewer line installed, repaired, or maintained, remember the experienced plumbers at Mr. Rooter!

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