Drain Cleaning & Drain Repair in San Diego

Mr. Rooter of San Diego believes that drain cleaning service should be a regular part of your home maintenance plan and is important for many reasons. We all want and need our drains to operate correctly each and every time we use them and having them cleaned is the only way to ensure they are fresh and also can identify any problems such as cracks or corrosion. When you hire Mr. Rooter for your drain cleaning needs, you are not only getting a team of qualified and highly trained plumbers but you are also hiring a name that has been trusted for many years by your neighbors, family, and friends for all of their plumbing and drain needs. Mr. Rooter is known everywhere for his knowledge, experience, and world-class customer service. When you need a professional drain cleaning company to fix minor or major drain clogs or repair other drain-related issues, we hope you think of Mr. Rooter first. And remember, “There’s a reason they call us Mr.”!

Mr. Rooter Plumber cleaning a drain

Toilet Drains:

If your toilets are not draining correctly, it is a sure sign that there is a larger problem than just your toilet drains and should be taken care of immediately. The drains to your toilet are the closest to the sewer drain and therefore usually indicate a more serious problem than other drains. When your toilets clog or become slow running, it can be due to several circumstances. In addition to normal use, flushing items such as baby wipes or cotton swabs can cause blockages that eventually lead to clogs. Having your toilet drains cleaned regularly is your best chance for making sure they do not back up into your bathroom and create damage to your floors and carpet.

Kitchen Drains:

Your kitchen is probably the busiest room of your home and your drains know it! With all the matters that you send down the sink drain, it is not surprising they should need to be cleaned regularly. When your kitchen drains are even slightly clogged, they attract even more items that add to the clog which can cause a slow drain to become a completely clogged drain. Usual liquids such as oil, grease, soap, and dirt can all cause a building up of grime within the drain, especially when you use a garbage disposal. Even though the garbage disposal chops food quite small, the bits can still remain in the pipes. Cleaning your kitchen drains ensures that you will have fresh and clean water and a clean sink each and every time you need it.

Bathroom Drains:

Often, a slow-draining bathroom sink or tub is the first sign of a serious drain problem in your home. Your tub or shower should quickly drain the water away as you bathe. If it does not, then there is most likely a clog in the drain. Bathroom sinks and tubs have to drain far more than just water. Soap, dirt, hair, and toothpaste all contribute to the possibility of a drain clog which can be problematic for your entire drain system. Sometimes homeowners purchase a store-bought drain cleaner for clogged or slow drains. This usually does not work, as they are only effective for clogs that are close to the sink and most clogs are closer to the main sewer drain. Calling Mr. Rooter is the quickest and most successful way of clearing your bathroom drains.

Floor Drains: In addition to all the sink, tub, and toilet drains in your home, many homes are equipped with floor drains. Floor drains are especially common in older homes but can be found in newer homes as well. They are often found in bathrooms, laundry rooms, patios, and basements. These types of drains are used to rush water away from the inside of your house in the event of a flooding situation. When floor drains are clogged with dirt, debris, leaves, and grime they can fail to operate. When floor drains do not operate properly, your home, furniture, and belongings are at risk for water damage. Having your floor drains cleaned routinely can save you the stress and hassle of them not working in an emergency.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Service:

Drain emergencies happen, even if you have taken excellent care of them and your home. A drain emergency can be as simple as a slow-draining sink or as unfortunate as a clogged toilet that has begun to back up into your bathroom. Mr. Rooter is available 24/7 for all your drain cleaning needs, from simple to extensive. We understand that not being able to use your shower or dishwasher puts a damper on your holiday, weekend, or evening and we want to take some of that stress away from you. Because of this, we are available whenever you need us and never with an overtime fee. Our dedication to helping you in an emergency is just part of our commitment to excellent customer service which is one of the reasons they call us Mr!

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