Residential Leak Repair Services in San Diego

Leaking pipes can sometimes go unnoticed for weeks. Once a leak is discovered, it can be a very stressful annoyance to deal with. Plumbing maintenance and repair might not be the first thing on your mind but it is important to have leaks taken care of as soon as possible.

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How Can Leaks Affect Your Home?

Water running or dripping in your home can cause damage and require more repairs than just your plumbing. You may experience damage to your drywall or other areas the water has seeped into. If left too long, mold and mildew will start to form. Your pipes can also begin to corrode which could lead to needing the entire plumbing system replaced.

Where Are the Leaks?

Unfortunately, anywhere there is plumbing or water, there is a potential for a leak. Here are some common areas where leaks are found.

  • Toilets and Faucets Your toilets and faucets are among the most commonly used pipes in your home. Some signs that you might have a water leak are drips or the sound of dripping, rust stains or water puddles, and an increase in your water bill.
  • Water Heater Your water heater is often tucked away in the basement or where it is easy to forget to make regular checks. Make it a habit to check your water heater every few weeks to make sure it is not leaking. Look out for puddles near the water heater tank, raised floor tiles, dripping or unusual sounds, or a decrease in your hot water supply.
  • Washing Machine Hose Usually, we use our washing machines often enough to notice a leak quickly. Sometimes they may go unnoticed if they are occurring behind the washing machine. You may begin to notice a musty or moldy smell, small pools of water near the machine, rusted or loose connections, or bulging hoses.

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As soon as you notice any of these signs, or you suspect a pipe has a leak, contact Mr. Rooter in San Diego County. Our professional technicians can be at your home quickly to determine the cause of the leak and to get it fixed efficiently.

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