Are You Still Jiggling That Toilet Handle?

The entire flushing process begins with the handle. When you push down on the handle that’s located on the outside of the toilet tank on the right hand corner, it makes the trip lever rise. A chain hangs from the trip lever, inside the tank, which lifts the flush ball from its seat. When the flush ball is lifted, the water from the tank flows into the bowl. As soon as the tank is empty, the flush ball drops back into its place.

A broken plastic toilet handle is easy to replace, according to your licensed San Diego plumber, Mr. Rooter. When reconnecting the metal flapper chain to the handle, it may be necessary to cut or bend the extension arm inside the tank. All handles are typically chrome, white, brushed nickel, or polished brass. Mr. Rooter recommends that the do-it-yourself homeowner should never get a polished brass lever unless the finish is guaranteed for life. It’s extremely easy to replace the handle on your toilet tank. The only tool you will need is a wrench. Here are the simple instructions.

Mr. Rooter’s Tip of the Week

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PLUMBER TRADE SECRETS: It may be necessary to bend or cut the extension arm to correct its position. Some minor adjusting of the chain will also be required to get the toilet flushing properly.