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Blog Posts in December

  • What Can Be Done About Slow Draining Sinks or Complete Drain Clogs?

    A kitchen drain that is moving slowly or has become clogged can be caused by several things including grease, bits and pieces of ...

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  • Kitchen Plumbing Problems

    Are you experiencing a kitchen plumbing problem that has caused your families routine to become disrupted? It can be very ...

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  • Does the Dishwasher Fill Slowly? Plumbing Supply Lines Kinks!

    Does your dishwasher seem to take forever to fill up and run a normal wash cycle? It could be as simple as a clogged inlet screen ...

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  • Are You Using Your Garbage Disposal Correctly? We’ll Show You How!

    A garbage disposal unit will add convenience to your kitchen duties. This time saving machine allows you to dispose of most food ...

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