Keeping Your Garbage Disposal In Great Working Order

Imagine this: you are working on preparing your Valentines’ favorite dinner to celebrate the special day, and all of a sudden there is a clog in the sink!

Regardless of the day or time that a sink clog happens, it will ruin it. A sink clog means many things including having a giant mess to clean up and not being able to use your sink until the issue is resolved – both of which are not fun.

Your garbage disposal is a vital appliance in your kitchen sink. This is the appliance that is attached to the underbelly of your sink that catches all of the solid pieces of food scrapes that get washed from dishes. Even if you never intentionally put food scrapes into your garbage disposal, your sink would just have a giant hole without it.

It is important to take good care of your garbage disposal. This mean only putting small amounts of little food scrapes into it. Your garbage disposal is not designed to macerate large chunks of food like apple cores or pieces of meat.

If your garbage disposal is showing any of these signs of failure, make sure to have the problem addressed right away:

  • The sink is clogged. This usually means that a large wad of food pulp has gathered in the disposal belly and isn’t able to move through the pipe that is connected. When you turn the garbage disposal on, the blades will break down these chunks of food, and then the mash will move through the pipe with the pressure of the water. If the clog does not clear when you turn the disposal on, you likely have a bigger problem and you should contact a plumber to have it addressed.
  • Metal is grinding. We all know the sound of a rogue spoon or fork inside of the garbage disposal. It’s unmistakable. When you hear this noise in your disposal, make sure to turn the system off right away. Then, use a flashlight and look into the disposal to find the culprit. If it is long enough to be sticking out the top of the drain, go ahead and grab it. But, if you have to put your hand into the disposal, it is best if you unplug the disposal first … just in case.

Keep your garbage disposal in top working order by recognizing the signs of these malfunctions and get the problem addressed right away. The sooner you get the issue repaired, the better and the longer that your disposal will work.