Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Bathroom Plumbing Problem Tips in San Diego County

In this series we begin with the major plumbing issues that home and business owners commonly encounter. Plumbing leaks, slow moving drains and drain pipe clogs happen, and we can fix it! There are a variety of things that can go wrong with the most used room in the house: the bathroom plumbing.

The following paragraphs will discuss most of the potential plumbing issues that can happen within your bathroom, give you tips on how to diagnose them and offer great insight into what causes these types of plumbing issues and how to keep your plumbing system healthy.

So what can go wrong with the plumbing in the bathroom?

The toilet, bathroom sink, and your bathtub/shower can experience many problems that can range from leaks and slow running drains to full blown clogs. These fixtures can encounter minor problems or be responsible for causing major whole house plumbing problems if ignored.

The two sources of plumbing that can experience plumbing leaks, slow moving drains or plumbing drain clogs are the plumbing supply lines and the plumbing drain waste system. The three major plumbing fixtures located in your bathroom have plumbing running to and from them and they include: your toilet, bathroom sink, and the bathtub/shower.

Of these three fixtures, two of them include faucets and the tub and shower have a spout and shower head, respectively. If one of these systems start backing up, begin draining slowly, begin leaking or fail in any way, it can be a cause of great concern. How much of a concern depends on what your system is trying to tell you; are you listening?

  • Toilet: This essential bathroom fixture is responsible for removing waste from the home into the septic or sewage system. When the toilet becomes clogged or starts to leak it can be a sign of a minor plumbing issue or it can also be one of many warning signs to a larger issue within your plumbing system.

Are you experiencing toilet related issues? Visit our page toilet plumbing to help you discover the issues you may be experiencing.

  • Sinks: The bathroom sink is used primarily for brushing teeth and washing hands. If problems arise at this fixture it can help you discover larger plumbing problems, you may be experiencing within your bathroom plumbing. Slow draining sinks or drain clogs can mean more than just a build-up within the pipes; a leak can mean more than just a pipe fitting needing to be tightened.

If you are experiencing sink or faucet problems – visit our page dedicated tobathroom sink & faucet plumbing to help you discover the issues you are having.

  • Bathtub/Shower: Is responsible for allowing clean water into the fixtures while draining the used/dirty waste water out into your septic or sewage system. There are several things that can cause this system to become clogged, slow draining or leak.

If you are experiencing a bathtub or shower plumbing problem visit our page about bathtub & shower plumbing to help you discover the issues you are experiencing.

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