Bathroom Sink Plumbing Problems

Bathroom Sink & Faucet Problems & Tips in San Diego County

Bathroom Sink Plumbing: What Can and Will Go Wrong?

Regardless what type of bathroom sink you have, the basic components function the same. Faucets differ in style and type but serve the purpose of adjusting the flow and temperature as the water leaves the spout and small parts beneath the knobs or lever can get worn and will eventually fail.

Drip, drip, drip…one of the most annoying sounds you can hear in the dead of the night, other than another family member snoring! A bathroom sink plumbing leak can occur in a few different places and the most common is from the faucet spout. If the leak doesn’t seem to be originating from faucet, the next thing to check would be the sink drain, the trap or a possible crack in the sink bowl.

Sluggish or Clogged Bathroom Sink Drains

Sometimes the drain in the bathroom sink can become clogged with matted hair, soap scum and toothpaste, or perhaps someone dropped something down it accidentally. Keeping a screen over the drain is recommended and always rinse the toothpaste and other personal grooming products thoroughly down the drain before turning the water off.

There are basically two places that a bathroom sink clog can occur, that is, if your main drain is not plugged up and everything in the house has come to a grinding halt! The sink drain stopper could be full of gunk or the drain trap could be clogged. If you suspect that the symptoms you are experiencing at the bathroom sink is because something further down the drain system is the culprit, call our trained professionals for a free drain inspection.

  1. Bathroom sink drain stopper: This most common clog can be resolved easily by keeping it clean and free of hair and other gunk that builds up over time. Regularly cleaning this sink part will cut down on the risk of clogging up your bathroom sink drain.
  1. Plumbing sink trap: The plumbing trap serves two main purposes. The first, and most important – the bathroom sink trap keeps noxious sewer gas from entering your home. Secondly, it provides an easy access point when troubleshooting a plumbing drain problem. If it has passed through the drain screen and stopper, the trap is the next logical place to disassemble and inspect.

If you are experiencing any type of bathroom plumbing problems,we can help. Call today for a free evaluation from a licensed & highly trained plumber. We are available 24/7 and never charge a trip fee or overtime charge. We can get your bathroom plumbing working smoothly again.