Bathtub Shower Plumbing Problems

Bathtub & Shower Plumbing Problems in San Diego County

Why is my bathtub drain running slow?

There are many reasons why a bathtub/shower drain begins to drain slowly. Ignoring the symptoms will inevitably lead to a clogged bathroom drain. What should everyone know so that you can prevent a costly plumbing repair? Let’s explore a few of the reasons you may be experiencing a slow moving drain in the bathroom: matted hair build-up, soap scum accumulating inside the pipes and minerals and sediment from hard water.

Here are some tips to keep in mind!

  • Matted Hair – Clean out the hair around the drain after every shower, bath or dog washing chore. Hair that is allowed to pass beyond the drain screen can accumulate along the inside of the pipes or tangle around the mechanism within the drain.
  • Soap Scum Build-Up – Even though shampoo and conditioner are liquids, it solidifies as it accumulates along the inside of the pipes. Always keep bottles closed when not using them so they don’t tip over and run slowly down the drain.
  • Hard Water Deposits – Using a screen over the drain will not prevent small particles of sediment, minerals or rust from entering the drain. The silt accumulates along the inside of the pipes restricting the flow of water.

When signs of sluggish bathtub drains and slow shower drains occur– act quickly to resolve this disaster waiting to happen. Tackling a bathtub drain problem or attempting a DIY shower plumbing repair is very daunting.

Two Common Bathtub/Shower Leaks

There are two reasons to get your bathtub faucet or showerhead fixed if you have a leak. The first is cost. Gallons of water add up quickly from a steady plumbing leak. Secondly, the annoying drip, drip, drip can rob you of your sleep.

If you suddenly step in a puddle around your bathtub or shower stall there is a good chance you could have a leak. The plumbing for these fixtures is usually behind a wall or beneath the floor and a plumbing repair of this type is best left to a professional plumber. Check the fixtures to make sure the shower base or tub have not become cracked – if that happens it will be necessary to have the fixture replaced.

If you are experiencing any type of Bathroom Plumbing Problem we can help. Call today for a free evaluation from a licensed & highly trained plumber. We are available 24/7 and never charge a trip fee or overtime charge. We can get your bathroom plumbing functioning properly quickly.

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